10 Things Women Like About Men | What Girls Find Attractive In Guys



  1. Awesome video!
    This is also in my list of things I like in a man I would add someone who can teach me things I don’t know, and help me be a better version of myself! Cheers!

  2. This is amazing ? you are doing a great job ❤️ we want more knowledge from you .. hope you'll get millions of fans ?

  3. Jis ja
    Ek wil net dankie sê vir jou awesome videos wat jy post, dit help my baie met my modelwerk keuses en besluite. Ek gaan binnekort New York toe om aan die IMTA te gan deel neem. Ek hoop en glo dit sal deure vir my oopmaak.

  4. Also – It Would Be Great If You Could Make A Video Explaining How Models Maintain Their Health And Can Be Free Of Pains, Tension Etc … So What I Mean Is, How Can We Make Sure As Models That Not Only Do We Look Pretty On The Outside But Also Feel Healthy Internally.

  5. So Glad I Found Your Channel, Keep Up With The Great Content Man. There Is A Lot Of Value In Your Videos For Upcoming Models Like Myself.

  6. Wow. You're on point, my friend! 😀 Some things can't be picked up though. You either have it or you don't! You gotta be born with it 😀 My advice for guys, no need to stress. There are scores of women out there with no understanding or appreciation for any good characteristics someone may have. Morals and ethics have no meaning for them. They don't have any themselves. They won't mind. Just know where you stand.

  7. All of these things work IF…you are taller than average (6ft or taller is their dream) a full head of hair, have some money in the bank.

  8. Best video Daniel bro thank to you today by seeing of this video I circle my some flaws that I must full them not only that a girl love me but next to these steps are the greatest ways that a man or a boy have to know and attention about them I learn more important issues by you.
    THANK YOU again Daniel bro…

  9. Your videos are awesome , I don't miss your any video ? BUT we see the video only one time , that's why make the video little bit funny and knowledgeable SO THAT a person open your video more than one time…this also help for sharing your video , view and like altogether increases….☺️☺️?☺️☺️

  10. Hey what is your workout routine and diet you use to stay in shape? Or is it just good metabolysm haha.

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