10 Minute Total Body HIIT Workout: Haunted Halloween HIIT, No Equipment, At Home



  1. Great idea and so well done! I had a lot of fun and laughs! Please come up with an exercise routine for every Holiday and Season, then workouts won't be so boring!! Happy Halloween!

  2. After being like a wolfman howling at the moon I fell to the ground and started hugging the floor not wanting to get up at all.

  3. Omg! That was an amazing workout! You know, to be honest, when the video started to play you really scared me with that fake blood coming down your mouth. I was thinking to myself "omg! Is she hurt?!" But then you said this was a Halloween hit workout and I was thinking, " oh this girl is so corny making a Halloween haunted hit workout." And then you know what happened, I started to follow your workout follow what you were doing and completely fell in love with this work out in this concept of making everything feel like Halloween it was very interesting and I appreciate the hard work that you put in to make this video you're amazing. Thank you so much, like I've already said I really enjoyed your video and I'm already subscribe to your channel and I can't wait for the next video I really look forward to following along with your workouts. Assalamualaikum.

  4. The one thing I liked about this was at one point the beautiful sexy Corrina was in the shot for a few seconds

  5. Do this work out only when nobody is watching or do it with your kids if they are 8 and under. lol.

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