10 Minute CARDIO Kickboxing Workout | Legs & Butt



  1. Whew that was a killer! Felt so good….. sweat is for sure dripping after that one. New goal do this one 3 times! Thanks sweetie

  2. This was an amazing workout! It kicked my butt, but it strengthened my thighs and glutes. Thank you for the workout! You're a great instructor!

  3. I am getting back into working out. Today is Day 1 and this kicked my butt! Thank you for this great workout! 🙂

  4. I had an emergency appendectomy on Tuesday. I’ve been following the HBSG for almost a year now, and I keep up with the challenges, too. I was just finally feeling like I was reaching my fitness goals, but I now I’m on an activity restriction for four to six weeks. I can’t do anything more intense than walking, and I can’t lift, push, or pull anything over 5 lbs. I’m trying to focus on the positives, but I’m really struggling with this since I finally felt like I was gaining ground, plus it’s summertime. I know the most important thing to do is focus on healing, but it’s challenging to be so stationary. I’m super thankful that I can still get out and walk, though, and soak up the sunshine. I’m making sure to stay hydrated, eat well, and get plenty of sleep to help my body stay on track as much as possible and heal. I’m looking forward to doing this workout in a month. I love cardio kickboxing, and this looks like a lot of fun! Thanks, Katie, for always being so positive and encouraging and helping so many people in their journey to being healthy and happy!

  5. Woooo. 2 months postpartum and getting, SLOWLY, back into fitness. Thank goodness for the modifications. Prior to pregnancy, modifications not needed. It's amazing how much your body changes even during an active pregnancy.

  6. OMG This is awesome. I love how you can modify & Katie is a real person. Yes, I overdid the goodies yesterday. We're all human. Thanks so much!

  7. Hey I m your new subscriber from India n I have really starting to see results after watching your videos
    You are so awesome I don't know how you talk n still motivate us while doing any exercise I have added your hot body HIIT workout in my routine n I feel awesome thanku so much ❤️
    Your outfit is amazing as always

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