1. The new studio has been put on hold for now! We're having some issues with the audio. So for now we're back upstairs! I've got lots more coming to you guys this week so make sure you're SUBSCRIBED! ❤️

  2. As a finisher to a half hour HARD upper body weights sesh, I feel one round was plenty for me 😉 going to stretch out my abs with some cobra based vinyasa

  3. Amazingg channel, love your videos been doing them for a month and I really noticed an improvement in my body. Also, I like the idea of different circuits/exercises with timing, it’s entertaining and the moves you have chosen target many muscle zones as well which is great. Finally, it keeps you moving! Love you🙉❤️

  4. Just finished this 2 time through and I am so sweaty. My abs feel sooooo good and tight👌🏼 this video is AMAZING!!!!!

  5. I train daily at home for the last year with several youtube channels. I rarely leave comments but your workouts are just *wonderful*! Simple but never boring, effective, challenging and accurate, what a great balance! Thank you, please post more 🙂

  6. I repeated yay! Thank you for these videos they are helping me. Some of your moves are more fun than what I see in other videos. Also I like how you change them up pretty fast because I get bored quickly. That's a huge obstacle for me with excersizing, Adhd. Does a workout like this count as cardio also?

  7. Just finished this workout and did the 15 min fat burner one before this as well! I’m definitely feeling the burn😜😯

  8. you should really put the names of your workout in the description box please 🙂

  9. So good! I start with your 8 minute ab routine, then do this 10 min ab routine, then do your arm workout, and then head to the gym for cardio – that's been my workout routine on some days of the week and I love it!

  10. This was such a good workout! I really liked how you balanced each section with a workout that didn't strain the neck as much. I have neck issues, so this made all the difference to me! Will definitely send this workout to my friends 💖😊

  11. Did this as a workout finisher. After the first round I said to myself: "ok workout done for the day :)", then Maddie's words: " I have just started to feel the burn, so I will do another round", me: "oh no!!!!", and then: "ok let's finish this!". Thanks Maddie for pushing me and for this amazing video! Looking forward for new ones! <3

  12. I was staring at my frog pillow pet during the butterfly/frog crunch. I didn’t even mean to, it was just in front of me. Lol.

  13. Love your workouts so much! Really felt this one and am definitely going to work my way up to doing it twice.

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