10 Awesome Heavy Bag Drills



  1. just recently got back on the heavy bag after many years, thank you for the update on techniques.

  2. This really helps because I’m 13 looking for something to do over the summer except for play the game and just got a punching bag, so these drills will
    Helps keep me busy

  3. Great video! Question, what’s the minimum distance from wall to hang my heavy bag in order to get in quality movement around bag?

  4. alot of good virtual coaches..and then thers J.T.
    you made me a better boxer..ty coach!

  5. When I throw my hooks I always turn my lead foot being the left . So when I throw my left hook my front foot pivots and I seem to throw a pretty hard left hook might be my hardest punch. Is this method rite or wrong . Thanks for any input you have to offer

  6. Head -body -head…Were you imagining yourself fighting a 6 year old? … cause your supposed ‘head’ shots were really damn LOW!

  7. Im new into boxing at 30 years old, just wanna learn self defense , and these techniques are very helpful ,very easy to understand for the average joe lol, thsnks a lot buddy.

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