1 Hour Total Body Yoga Workout (Vinyasa Flow to Bird Of Paradise) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos



  1. I came back to this class after finishing the Shine program, and I noticed such a huge difference! I love this class, it’s one of my all time favourites!

  2. I LOVED this one. Finally some good pace, easy to follow and leading to final pose gently. Nice cool down and good timing for the resting final pose too 🙂 thank you!

  3. I really enjoyed this, thank you! I've always avoided bird of paradise because it looks too difficult but you broke it down nicely and the awesome build up really prepared me well enough to finally do it! 🙂

  4. Waouh! This was very very great! Though it's very hot today in France, I feel energized and flexible and beautiful. Even if my bird of paradise looks a bit warped. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for a great practice Lesley ! Lovely for shoulder opening, which is still something I'm really working towards 🙂 Namaste <3

  6. This was a great one! I love all the bits of knowledge you share during your videos. I’ve learned so much from you in such a short time! Thanks for everything you do ❤️🕉

  7. Great transition to bird of paradise! Got everything but the straight leg this time ☺️
    Thank you as always for your videos ❤️

  8. I really enjoyed this practice. Second time round I lifted my leg on both sides so I'm well happy! Don't think I looked that elegant, because I feel I used my wings a little too much with all the flapping around! 😉 Got it in the end though. Really worked me, loved it! xx

  9. Thanks for this great hour long practice. Just bought tickets for the event in Amsterdam. Looking forward to it. Have a good week!

  10. Thanks to a continous everyday practice with you, Leseley, I managed to do Birds of Paradise without having done it anytime before. Thank you so much for being my teacher! I appreciate your classes, everyday after getting up, starting my day with your Yoga Classes! Jon

  11. I think I was a bewildered seagull too, (although my left side faired infinitely better than my right!!). But I'll be trying this one again and I will master the (damn) bird!!! 😍 thanks for the wonderful lesson xxx

  12. of course we will see each other!!!!! I feel you so close to me, you are such a warm and nice person!! with your teaching you comfort me in difficult times!! thank you!! 🙏

  13. I am fairly new to yoga, tried different videos, the. Discovered yours last week, did 3 classes so far,thoroughly enjoyed them. Thank you so much, you are great. Keep them coming.

  14. Dear Lesley,
    It was again a wonderful hour, thank you!
    And I have booked the masterclass in Amsterdam on the 23th (which also happens to be my birthday!) and 24th ! I am so looking forward! See you soon in real life!
    Big hug,

  15. This was so good. Could u pls do leg behind the head or Kapotasana, practice jumping forward… Are u ever sore? Wat do u do? (Sorry 4 so many questions) I’ve always had a home practice & after all these yrs doing ur classes I feel comfortable asking u things. Oh.. I call Yoga Jewlry: Yoga Bling 🙂

  16. Thank you so so much for this wonderful practice 🙌😍🙏❤️! Enjoyed every single minute of it. Love from @mindful_yogajenny 😘

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